7:00 pm Happy Destiny Group Broadmore Unitied Methodist Church 3715 Youree Dr Shreveport Open, Step Meeting, Tradition Study
7:00 pm Still Magnolias Women Oakwood Home for Women 1700 Highland Ave Shreveport Discussion, Open, Women
7:00 pm Mansfield Group ST. Joseph Catholic Church 305 Jefferson St Mansfield Discussion, Open
7:00 pm Basic Training St. Luke's Unitied Methodist 6012 Youree Dr Shreveport Discussion, Open
7:00 pm Minden The Alpha Club 801 Goodwill St Minden Discussion, Open
7:30 pm Vivan Group Blue House (Next to the Cemetery) 530 W Tennessee Ave Vivian Open
7:30 pm Sobriety on 2 Wheels Everyone Welcome Stonewall Community Center 5200 Stonewall-Frierson Rd Stonewall Discussion, Open
8:00 pm Tulane Group Highland Club 1711 Tulane Ave Shreveport Closed
8:00 pm Many Harbor Group Project Celebration Youth Center 580 Main St Many Open
8:00 pm Many Harbour Group Project Celebration Youth Center 580 Main St Many Discussion, Open
8:00 pm Airline Group The Koala Club 4809 Shed Rd Bossier City Open
8:00 pm Principles Before Personalities W-K Comminity Health Clinic 4700 Hilry Huckaby III Ave Shreveport Discussion, Open